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The Eastern Bay Hotel offers a new category of hotels, which are highly exclusive to luxury hotels and standardized hotels.Designed to be creative, efficient, comfortable, sophisticated, and familiar with the design and familiarity with the original room, it is imperative that you face a reasonable and affordable price proposition.
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Visit the Eastern Bay Hotel and experience the unique features of the Eastern Bay Hotel.
Home comforts
A wide range of interior and practical functions, affordable, sensual colors and personal tastes enable customers to rest comfortably in their homes.
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The optimal location for business and tourism
Haeundae Beach is located in Busan, and the Eastern Bay Hotel is located there. Designed for a wide variety of tourists, the Eastern Bay Hotel offers customers the most exciting driving experience in the near future, alongside the optimum location of the subway and the main hub of the city, along with Haeundae, Centum, Gwanganri, and business.
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Eastern bay for you
The Eastern Bay Hotel offers customers a comfortable, practical experience with their home and leisure spaces, reflecting their lifestyles.
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